We’ll create a comprehensive strategy to help you drive the news about your organization and not just react to it. We’ll craft proactive and reactive measures, and write statements, talking points, op-eds, speeches and other content that reflects your messaging strategy.
The biggest mistake a leader can make is to treat community sentiment as an afterthought. We’ll design a strategy to win public buy-in for your plans before they’re rolled out.
Our goal isn’t just to help you solve your problems—it’s to help you avoid them. We’ll game out crisis scenarios in advance and prepare strategies for handling each one of them. And we’ll be there every step of the way until the storm passes.
We help the leaders of organizations communicate effectively, regardless of their experience speaking with the media. We’ll help you stay on message, prepare you for tough interviews and help you to deal with curveballs from reporters.
We speak social media, and will create an online conversation geared toward your messaging. We can target your audience all the way down to a single street. We’ll tweet for you, post for you, or guide your staff to do so in a disciplined way.
We’ll help you craft a way to speak about your organization. We’ll interview stakeholders, research media coverage, engage focus groups and conduct polling in your state, city or community. From that research we’ll create a strategy for delivering your message in a powerful, persuasive fashion.
Every leader need to carefully shape his or her image. Some want to boost their public profiles; others have reputational challenges. We’ll help place you at the center of the conversation – or work to reposition you if your reputation is at stake.